Application flow

The Dusk Grants Program helps (independent) projects, developers, researchers, academics, or community organizers launch to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and build the future of finance. Built upon the foundations of Dusk Network, the grant program is open to anyone and everyone.

Inquiry Form

If you are interested in a grant opportunity or have a great idea of your own, the first step is the Inquiry Form. Based on the information you provide, we’ll assess the application and potentially reach out to get to know you better, and decide whether to continue the process.

  • Formal Proposal

    If the conversation moves forward, the team will start the formal proposal process. Besides project details (team structure, main concept, status, roadmap, impact), you’re also asked to scope the use of requested resources.

  • Tech Deep-Dive

    After evaluation, the formal proposal will go through a technical review. We will invite you alongside Dusk experts to really talk through technicalities. Better be prepared!

  • Evaluation

    During this part of the process the Dusk team is in close contact to provide initial feedback and concerns, as well as thinking about the best ways to fit the agile workflow and scope requested resources.

  • Funding decision

    Once the review process of the formal proposal is completed, the Dusk team makes a final call on whether to fund the application. This includes the amount of funding and allocation milestones.


After approval, we warmly welcome the applicants on board as we write up a contract and perform KYC to formalize the grant disbursement.


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