Grant Opportunities

The Dusk Grants Program helps projects and developers launch to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain and build the future of finance. Opportunities on Dusk Network are endless.

Enable any size enterprise to collaborate at scale, meet the highest level of compliance requirements, and ensure that personal and transaction data remains confidential.
Dusk Network is actively looking to fund initiatives in the following areas:

Ecosystem tooling and improved infrastructure

After network launch, the Community Development Fund (CDF) secures the long-term future of Dusk Network. To speed things up, projects can apply for pre-launch funding to create valuable ecosystem tooling and infrastructure.

Hardware Wallets Integration
Mobile Wallet
Smart Contract Creation Suite

Research proposals for future-proofness of the network

Research and development go hand in hand, and Dusk’s core team understands all too well how challenging it can be to advance cutting edge technologies. That is why we are excited to contribute to the next generation of visionaries capable of pushing technology forward.

Layer-2 Scaling

Applications and use-cases that drive mainstream adoption

The usefulness of a layer-1 network can only be measured by the quality of applications that it operates, and the number of end-users that stand to benefit. That is why we fund projects targeting a variety of real-world use-cases and demonstrating a high potential for driving mainstream adoption

Multi-Signature Contracts
Privacy-respecting DeFi

Surprise us!

We value creativity and innovation, and are well aware there are many opportunities we did not think of ourselves.